Today, video is entering alsmost every aspect of our life and business. 


In the B2C world, viewing habits are changing and new platforms are being created to reach the traditional consumer.


But video is making huge inroads into other areas as well. Consider Oil & Gas, Digital Signage, Telemedicine/Healthcare, Campus Networks, Government Applications, CCTV/Security, Defense, Conference, Events, House of Worship etc. In other words, agility is required. A complete understanding is needed to offer a (video)signal exchange that addresses the requirements of a particular application.


Whether it is:

  • Contribution (live)
  • Contribution (media content over internet)
  • Distribution
  • Direct To Home
  • IP TV
  • OTT
  • Multi-Screen
  • Campus & hospitality

More and more, live contribution is using IP over fiber-based infrastructure. The availability and cost combined with the lower delays and potential of higher bandwidth ensure this is favored compared to satellite.

Our experiences stretches across different infrastructures; satellite, terrestrial or DVBV-T2 and our mix of products ensures that we can provide you with the efficient and reliable media transport solution you need.


Mobile backhaul


Satellite continues to be an important means of connectivity in GSM Mobile Networks. Due to the growth of data traffic links have changed from symmetric to asymmetric creating entirely different requirements. Carrier cancellation is no longer the holy grail.

Operators are more and more drawn towards low-cost bandwidth efficient TDMA network solutions which will allow them to address rural connectivity needs and install 100s of small cell sites.