StreamXpress® player / Stream Xpert® analyzer

DekTec is well known for the StreamXpress® player and StreamXpert® analyzer, which have become industry-standard T&M applications that are widely used across the globe:
⦁ The StreamXpress player is used in numerous R&D labs for developing new digital-TV equipment. Broadcasters use it to try out new services. At NAB, IBC and other shows demos on many booths are powered by StreamXpress. It is used for field demos, in chip-set evaluation kits, at universities, etc.
⦁ StreamXpert is an advanced Transport-Stream analyzer that is constantly being extended with new digital-TV analysis functions. Many of its 15K+ users consider the StreamXpert as the analyzer with the best look and feel in the market.

In 2004, DekTec was the first manufacturer to bring a truly portable transport-stream analyzer to the market. It was based on the FantASI device, connected with a single USB cable to a laptop running StreamXpert. Dubbed the “Essential tool for every digital-TV engineer”, the FantASI line has become iconic for DekTec.

Over the 16 years of its existence, DekTec has created an extensive portfolio of PCI Express cards and USB devices:
⦁ A complete line of PCIe and USB modulators. The DTA-2115B is DekTec’s top of the line VHF/UHF/L-band modulator. It supports virtually all modulation standards currently in use around the world, including the latest such as DVB-S2X and ATSC 3.0.
⦁ Baseband ASI and SDI interfaces. DekTec offers a unique architecture in which ports are fully configurable in software. For example, each of the four ports of the DTA-2174 can be input or output, and ASI or SD-/HD-/3G-SDI, in any combination.
⦁ Another first has been the introduction of PC network cards with hardware acceleration for digital-TV streaming over IP. The DTA-2162 is the current top model. DekTec network cards can generate multiple jitter-free IP streams, and measure the IP jitter of incoming streams.
⦁ Receivers for monitoring, storing or re-multiplexing of modulated DTV signals. DekTec offers hardware-based receivers, like the DTA-2137 dual-channel DVB-S2 receiver, and SDR-based receivers like the DTA-2131 that demodulate entirely in software.
⦁ DekTec has a host of new PCIe cards and USB devices in development, some of which are on the edge of release. These include HEVC / H.264 encoders and decoders, 10GbE interfaces, 12G-SDI cards, many-port baseband devices with 4K support, and more.

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