Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTA)

The SpacePath range of rugged, high-power Travelling Wave Tube (TWT) amplifiers has an international reputation for high efficiency and reliable performance in all demanding environments.
The proven StellarCool™ and StellarMini™ line of amplifiers span all of the primary satellite frequency bands, including C-, X-, Ku-, DBS, Tri- and Quad-bands, and cover all mission critial segments including:
⦁ Satellite newsgathering (SNG)
⦁ Digital Satellite Newsgathering (DSNG)
⦁ Military satellite communications
⦁ Fixed stations
⦁ Ground stations
⦁ Mobile applications
⦁ Flyaway or truck based systems

SpacePath offers both indoor and outdoor mount TWTAs.

STA1140 C-Band Outdoor TWTA

STR Series rack mount TWTA