Video Routers

Automation, routing, distribution, conversion, multiplexing and transport over fiber, all in one box.

Barnfind has a platform based on the universal SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable). The BarnOne 1RU device is Barnfind’s core product for the transportation of video signal over dark-fiber. Complementary to BarnOne are the BarnMini, for small remote deployments.

Many demanding clients around the world (particularly in Sports and News) see Barnfind as “The Champion of Fiber Transport”. You can literally transport any signals in the BarnOne frames. World-class redundancy handling with auto-switching to any chosen input makes BarnOne one of the most comprehensive component for critical transmissions.

The key strong-points for BarnOne frames and the reason why the product has become very popular in the market place:

⦁ A full 32 x 32 router in every BarnOne 1RU frame.
⦁ Whatever signal that enters the system can be routed to any output, distributed, converted, monitored and analyzed.
⦁ Advanced signal redundancy with auto-switching to any chosen input.
⦁ Every SFP port is bi-directional.
⦁ Every BNC port is input or output selectable.
⦁ All output ports are re-clocked.
⦁ BarnOne and BarnMini accept any MSA compliant SFP. NO “lock-in” to proprietary expensive single manufacturer made units.
⦁ Multiple reference switching; the router can be portioned to switch different signal types on different references, both analog and digital reference.
⦁ Powerful and simple upgrade path; Industry unique double CWDM capacity- HiLo System using existing CWDM infrastructure.
⦁ BarnStudio software included in the BarnOne price. A simple and quick to learn control system where you are able to monitor and follow signal integrity through multiple nodes.
⦁ Future proof: whatever signal format that might be coming in the future will be integrated into the BarnOne platform.
⦁ Highest density in the market; 1RU only, where other manufacturers use 3-5RU
⦁ Hot-swap optics ensures high reliability minimizing the need for maintenance windows and staff.
⦁ The BarnOne platform supports numerous signals in one frame such as common video and telco formats including KVM, SDTI (e.g. EVS), SMPTE 2022-6, MADI, SDI to IP, Ethernet, 4K 60p workflows, HDMI, DVI, Serial, GPI/O, CVBS, CAM-CCU (including video, audio, tally, intercom, RCP) etc.